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  • IDC:中国金融行业区块链市场高速增长 应用场景多样

  • 国内SMB IT市場予測を発表
    Japan, 2019年2月21日 - IT専門調査会社 IDC Japan 株式会社(所在地:東京都千代田区九段北1‐13‐5、代表取締役社長:竹内正人、Tel代表:03-3556-4760)は、国内SMB IT市場(SMB:Small and Medium-sized Business、中堅中小企業)の2018年~2022年の予測を発表しました。

  • Three Providers of Sourcing Technology Named IDC Innovators
    A new IDC Innovators report profiles three companies that are leveraging cloud and other technologies to address sourcing business processes within the procurement market.

  • IDC: 智慧城市吐故纳新,全空间智慧化建设扬帆起航

  • GCC Mobile Phone Shipments Fall to Lowest Level in Six Years
    Dubai – New figures from International Data Corporation (IDC) show that shipments of mobile phones to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) fell 9.4% year on year in 2018 to total 23.6 million units, the lowest since 2013 and down 30% on the market's peak in 2015 when 33.9 million units were shipped. The global technology research and consulting firm's newly released Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker reveals that 5.8 million mobile phones were shipped to the region in Q4 2018, a decline of 2.2% on the previous quarter.

  • The Race to Reinvent Is On: IDC Thailand Reveals Its Top IT Predictions for 2019 and Beyond
    BANGKOK, 21st February 2019 – IDC unveiled its top predictions for the Thailand IT industry for 2019 and beyond today, predicting that by 2022, over 61% of the country GDP will be digitalized, with growth in every industry driven by digitally enhanced offerings, operations, and relationships, driving US$ 72 billion in IT-related spending from 2019 through 2022. IDC believes that digitalized economy will lead to more intense competition especially when digital disruptors are heavily penetrating into the local market.

  • 2018年第4四半期および2018年通年国内携帯電話/スマートフォン市場実績値を発表
    Japan, 2019年2月19日 - IT専門調査会社 IDC Japan 株式会社(所在地:東京都千代田区九段北1-13-5、代表取締役社長:竹内正人、Tel代表:03-3556-4760)は、国内の携帯電話およびスマートフォン端末の2018年第4四半期(10~12月)、および2018年通年(1月~12月)の出荷台数を発表しました。

  • India HCP Market Touches an All Time High in CY 2018; Grows by 5.5% YoY on back of Strong Consumer and SMB Demand: IDC India Reports
    India Hardcopy Peripherals (HCP) market posted yearly shipments of 3.7 million units in CY2018, registering a Year-on-Year (YoY) growth of 5.5%. In 2018Q4 the market posted shipments of approx. 0.85 million units, a YoY decline of 2.6%, as per latest IDC Asia / Pacific Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker , CY2018Q4. While the months following the festive season, online sale are usually on the lower side but 2018Q4 saw an unusually low demand from the consumer end, a stark contrast with the overall CY2018 trend.

  • 2018年 国内スマートシティ関連IT市場の展望を発表
    Japan, 2019年2月18日 - IT専門調査会社 IDC Japan 株式会社(所在地:東京都千代田区九段北1‐13‐5、代表取締役社長:竹内正人、Tel代表:03-3556-4760)は、2018年国内スマートシティ関連IT市場の展望を発表しました。

  • New IDC Report Says Healthcare Providers' Spending in Asia/Pacific Excluding Japan on Robotics is Forecast to Reach USD 7.03 Billion by 2022
    SINGAPORE, February 19th, 2019 – IDC Healthcare Insights’ recently released ‘Robotics in Healthcare-Benefits and Opportunities ’ reports that Asia/Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ) healthcare providers' spending on robotics in 2018 reached USD 3.73 billion and forecasted to reach USD 7.03 billion by 2022. This IDC study explores the relevance, opportunities, and benefits of various healthcare robots in a hospital setup. The report highlights specific use cases and gives an overview of robotics adoption in APEJ including existing driving forces that point to potential in the region.

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